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Company History


In 2003, our company opened our own factory in Fuyong town,Baoan center,  fully devoted to the R & D and the production of the computer accessories of Fujing brand, including the main products of  mouse and keyboard. Fujing has experienced the evolution process from the mechanical mouse to the photovoltaic energy mouse. Then Fujing set up branches and agencies in the major capital cities in China and established a complete sales network, selling tens of millions of  mouse of Fujing brand. Fujing is also one of the earliest companies that was involved in the field of computer camera and Fujing brand is the lead brand in the field all the time. Fujing has also experienced the rapid growth and development of the camera product.  As an affiliate of computer accessories industry, Fujing enjoyed a high status in accessories field of China, Fujing brand has been widely known to the Chinese industrial customers.

In 2004, Fujing (Hong Kong) Limited Co., Ltd was established.

In 2005, Fujing became the first supplier of Wal-Mart in China, and began to fully cooperate with Wal-Mart and Trust-Mart. There are 385 Wal-Mart and Trust-Mart stores in China which sell Fujing accessories so far.

In 2006, Fujing opened its own branch in Dubai, selling computer accessories. Our branch is also one of the pioneers that entered the Middle East market as a Chinese company. In Dubai, our company currently has four stores and more than 60 employees.

In 2008, Fujing began to shift from the domestic sales to export overseas, and incorporated Shenzhen AllMart Electronics Company Limited. In cooperation with well-known foreign brands through foreign trade exhibitions and trade platforms, Fujing is now trading brands including  "MERKURY ( USA ) CYBER ( the first brand of Brazil), MYMAX ( Brazil ), DENN ( Russia ), DDZONE ( South Korea ), TG (the first brand of Korea). Our major products have gradually changed from the traditional accessories to consumer electronic gadgets and digital electronics products.

In 2009, Fujing achieved great developments in wireless products, and became an agent of Rapoo, China's first listed accessories company. It is Fujing that started to trade Rapoo’s products in Wal-Mart Trust-Mart, Vanguard supermarkets.

In 2010, with the economic development , Fujing set up a joint venture - B2C company with partners in the United States, selling the latest digital electronic products, taking the advantages of Chinese significant manufacturing power.

In 2013, Fujing established a second company in United States, expending in the North American market. Our major products are consumer electronics products. We have been establishing and promoting our own brand of ELECSPOKES in North America.

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